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Not sure if this is the appropriate thread for a bug report about Xygos, but here's one

OS: macOS 10.15.7; Xcode 12.4 for the compiler; built from source (commit number 49cbe9eff8e17b20fe1bd8912f73675233b1bc62, "An easter egg ....", was HEAD) using
cd src; make -f Makefile.osx
Problem: Crashes on a segmentation fault immediately after character creation. The new character was a human, no mutations or implants, engineer, default point buy for the stats, and a randomly selected name. Took the Foraging talent from the talent selection screen. Recompiling with debugging enabled and rerunning crashed at the same point. The top of the call stack at the point of the crash for that was
cave_monster_max(c=0) at cave.c:595
monster_list_new at mon-list.c:33
monster_list_shared_instance at mon-list.c:94
monster_list_show_subwindow(height=16, width=42) at ui-mon-list.c:354
update_monlist_subwindow(type=EVENT_MONSTERLIST, data=0, user=0x000000010054c3a8) at ui-display.c:1766
game_event_dispatch(type=EVENT_MONSTERLIST, data=0) at game-event.c:43
event_signal(type=EVENT_MONSTERLIST) at game-event.c:142
redraw_stuff(p=0x00000001028eba08) at player-calcs.c:2364
ui_enter_world(type=EVENT_ENTER_WORLD, data=0, user=0) at ui-display.c:2617
game_event_dispatch(type=EVENT_ENTER_WORLD, data=0) at game-event.c:43
event_signal(type=EVENT_ENTER_WORLD) at game-event.c:142
start_game(new_game=true) at ui-game.c:420
play_game(new_game=true) at ui-game.c:440
It looks like it may be using my existing subwindow setup from Angband, and that may explain why the monster list window is being updated at the point of the crash.

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