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This is definitely the appropriate place to report Xygos bugs. This doesn't look Mac specific, and at first glance I thought that all extra windows could be affected - I don't normally play with them and so haven't really tested them. But I have been unable to reproduce it - and the flip side of not playing with extra windows is that I haven't meddled with them. So although sharing window positions etc. with V would be unintended behaviour it still seems unlikely that doing so would cause problems. It looks as if the window is trying to be displayed too early - when there is no level generated (the null cave pointer). Simply ignoring that case would probably be effective, but I would prefer to know why it happens and how to see it on Linux.

So, please could you post your .prf? The Linux equivalent is ~/.angband/Xygos/x11-settings.prf. I don't know where they are kept on MacOS.
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