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Originally Posted by Shockbolt View Post




terrain_wall_dungeon_lower_1.png (bottom of the 2.5D wall)

terrain_wall_dungeon_top_1.png (top of the 2.5D wall, the part that would render partially ontop of player/npc/any object that was standing to the north)






Then either have the code downsize the graphics from 64x64 to 32x32 or smaller, or stick 64_ or 32_ to either the beginning of the file or the end of the file. Obviously, having the code downsize the graphics from 64 to smalles would mean a smaller .zip to download for the players.

As you see, I've ended each file with _1 , incase I go mental and decide that I want to make many versions of the same tile. This would be somewhat fun, as you could then call for the image of a broken sword, a rusty sword, a new sword, a sword that has flames running up it's blade, a sword with dripping poison etc.
No problems with the extra versions, that's fine.

Your names don't follow a clear hierarchy though. Some start with a tile category - object, trap, terrain - others start with monster type. In order to code the recognition/loading of tiles properly, the name has to break down into elements:


or something. Buzzkill is right that we could use subfolders instead of long names:


with similar folders for monsters/ terrain/ artifacts/ misc/ etc.

But we do need to separate different-sized tiles into different-sized folders. The game supports multiple tile sets, and the code needs to know what size it's loading (regardless of whether it then shrinks or stretches the tiles).

@buzzkill: IIUC takkaria has long wanted to move to indexless edit files, so that they can be edited without breaking savefiles and without requiring any concomitant changes. If we use index numbers in tile names, they need changing every time they change in object.txt. I can't see any advantage in using them.
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