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Originally Posted by Ghen View Post
I haven't gotten down far enough to check, but I hope the system goes one step further and renames items as more and more knowledge is gained about it. Like The Cloak Colluin if you only know it's resistant to fire, display that.. but once you get maybe 2-3 pieces of knowledge about it then the entirety is displayed due to the fact that it couldn't possibly be anything more benign.
If you wield a weapon, and notice +1 to str/dex/con, it is westernesse. However, for some reason I will never be able to comprehend, doing that auto-identify is considered a "spoiler".

The current rules are completely arbitrary. I would love to see more permissive rules, but I pushed *past* the line I thought would be accepted given the above.

The rule I was told would be allowed is that if you learn all of the flags, then you get "fully known" status. I immediately amended that to "all flags that affect the player", so e.g. you don't have to learn all of the IGNORE_{element} flags. One tricky thing is that +hit/+dam/+ac are attributes that are not expressed as flags, and are handled differently.

Suppose you are wearing excellent boots. You jump into a pit and learn they give Feather Fall. If the ego is "slow descent", then you learn it. If it is "stability" you do not. IMO this is backwards, and you should need to learn whether the boots give nexus resistance. I think the player should be told up front that non-splendid excellent boots are one of those two egos and immediately mark FF on the resistance screen, but that runs afoul of that %!$@# "no spoilers" thing.

So to learn Anarion, you have to learn every friggin' sustain.

The game wasn't playable, so I added some extra rules. I remember

learn a jewelry flavor if you learn any flag -- akin to learning potion flavors
learn an ego if you learn any slay or brand

That means that if you pick up a defender, you know it on wield due to the stealth bonus, but it takes seemingly forever to "learn" the ego.


Perhaps there should be a different way to learn, such as learning half the flags, but I didn't like that because it didn't learn a ring of sustain body when you notice your con is sustained. However, that was when I was thinking of it as the main rule. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to add something like this as an additional way to learn.

But it would be a whole lot better to assume the player knows the edit files and you learn exactly when your knowledge in conjunction with the edit files implies something.
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