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Originally Posted by Dean Anderson View Post

The knowledge functions write temporary files and then display those files. It looks like for some reason it doesn't have permission to write those files on your machine.

This is probably a Windows thing - Windows sometimes locks down your Program Files folder and stops files from being created there.

Try either:

1) Uninstalling the program and re-installing it somewhere other than your C:\Program Files\ folder. Preferably on another drive than your C drive.


2) Running the program "as Administrator".

If the problem is what I think it is, then hopefully doing either of those should fix it.

I should probably re-do the install script to make sure that it defaults to somewhere outside of your C:\Program Files folder, to be on the safe side.

Run as admin works. Thanks! I did install in a different directory as well, did not run as admin, and got the same errors. The admin piece is the solution.
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