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You forgot to mention that drolems cannot be detected by telepathy. (unless this changed recently). Still, ESP is a huge life-saver, but it is important to remember to be careful even if nothing shows up in your radar.

Also, I am surprised that no one mentionned consumables. 69 potions of !CCW is a lot, a stack of 10 is enough, imho. Also, you basically have no mean to escape a threat. Since you have no confusion resistance, you might prefer a staff of teleport over scrolls, which can be used when confused, the downside being that you will not have 0% failure rate on it (scrolls never fail). I would take
- 10 !CCW
- 1 -tele
- 10 ?teleport, for when I am not confused
- a few ?teleport level or ?deep descent
- if I have room for it, 10 ?phase door, those are useful when you are not in real danger but want to get away in an adjacent corridor (think gelatinous cube)

Also, others might disagree, but I would take those !healing and !speed with me. Sure, those might be more useful later on, but you will be very sorry if you die with those at home. Better make use of what the game throws at you now, than make long term plans that might be moot anyway.

Take my advice with a grain of salt, still trying to get a win.
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