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Yes, you can probably kill M, but it will be an epic battle at only CL 42.

As for melee, you can only do around 400 dam/turn with the SoS (slay evil). Yes, start off with some melee to break up the territory, but use archery to actually kill him. (4 shots/round with enchanted seeker arrows will do 440 dam/turn.)

So carry lots of phase door, and use plenty of buffing (including ?Chant)

Shame about the lousy strength--you are missing something like +10 to_hit from being at STR 160. And here's one reason to upgrade to 3.1.1 (dev)

p) The Whip 'Mediator' (1d3) (+13,+10) (+2)
It increases your charisma by 2. It increases your infravision by
2. It slays animals, dragons, demons, and undead. It is branded
with fire. It provides immunity to acid. It provides resistance to
cold, light, and sound. It grants you the ability to see invisible
things. It activates for star ball (150) every 50 turns. It cannot
be harmed by the elements.

what a joke! (All those completely worthless slays!)

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