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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
What's rather awesome?

It's nice to have 12 pt text in the status area, and still have the graphic tiles displayed in their full 32x32 pixel glory, otherwise the status area takes up too much room. Right now, as far as I can tell, the graphic tiles have no choice but to be the same size as the font used in the status area. Moving the status area into a sub-window (for tile users) might be the easiest fix. Otherwise, it's big tile/double tile, all that crap.
Well, the font-size solution takes care of all the big tile/double tile/triple tile crap. Hmmm, I would agree that that the status area now takes too much space.. I guess I will have to shift my plans for world domination and finally work on using the full space of the screen for the map ( as an option! ).

As a side note, I've gotten item descriptions to work properly, and of course, as usual I am getting sidetracked. Since I am doing the descriptions of mushrooms, I noticed that most of them just aint worth it. So I am adding to most mushrooms healing powers and timed protections ( cure confusion will guard the player from confusion for 50 turns etc. )

Once I have mushrooms done, 7 more to go , of which 2 will require a new timed effect, I will focus on better usage of the screen real estate.

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