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Originally Posted by d_m View Post
Just to be clear: where are you beginning your run?

The behavior I see (which I believe is correct) is that if I run and hit the green line I will stop. If I begin a run again I will run beyond the edge of the zone. I think that's the correct behavior.

Is this what you see? Or are you seeing something else?
We want to force the player to take a single step, not run, as a check that he really wants to enter a zone without trap detection. Seriously -- once you have trap detection available, would you habitually do such a thing? Isn't there a substantial likelihood that you made a mistake and would prefer to be protected?

Runs stop for reasons that appear random. For example, a fast monster steps in and out of LOS without ever being displayed, and I am sure there are plenty more. There are lots of times when I look and still have no idea why the run ended. I want to keep hitting the run keys, and if I don't move then I know I have a decision to make.
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