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Re: themed rooms.

IMO themed rooms are worth it only if there are some new terrain features, like weapon racks or bookshelves, to come with them.

Unangband is the king in themed rooms! If you want to go that way, it's essential to play some Un first.

Ey and Fay had for ages minimally themed rooms, with themed monsters and some themed objects lying on the floor. Frankly, I don't think they added that much to the game. In the dev version I've implemented themed rooms with lots of new terrain features.

My closets, weapon racks, and bookshelves need to be searched for items. Occasionally the items are hidden, and then you need to succeed in Perception roll to find them -- otherwise you just miss them. I guess these hidden items could be implemented just like the new trap detection in v4.

I also recommend having a room style that has lots of traps and extra items. It leads to interesting gameplay.
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