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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
I see two points. First is flavor, which isn't to be discounted. The Vanilla dungeon is very bare-bones, so there's basically no "there for the sake of being there" features, but that doesn't mean that having something there just because it looks neat is bad. Would you object to having a table and chairs in a room even if they had no impact on gameplay?
I certainly wouldn't object to them as the kind of decor we've seen on Shockbolt's terrain tiles (manacles on walls, bits of skeletons on floors etc. - including actual tables and chairs). But how would they be represented in ASCII, and why? IMO the way to deliver flavour in ASCII is through messages (e.g. "You see broken furniture and bones scattered across the floor" as you open the door), not though additional characters that one has to mentally discard as neither an object nor a monster.
The second, though, is that any item in a closet wouldn't be visible until you got close enough to the closet to (automatically if need be) open it and look inside. Sort of like chests in that respect.
This is fair (and chimes with a lot of Mikko's reasons) - personally my OCD prevents me enjoying the idea that I might have failed to perceive an item hidden in a closet, so I'd want to smash them all up to make sure. But I accept that this is not a good basis for design.
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