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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
I certainly wouldn't object to them as the kind of decor we've seen on Shockbolt's terrain tiles (manacles on walls, bits of skeletons on floors etc. - including actual tables and chairs). But how would they be represented in ASCII, and why?
The current version of Fay has text descriptions for room styles (Eytan borrowed them from an ancient version of Un). They either need a subwindow for room descriptions or messages. I usually like to use my subwindows for other purposes, and text messages are very easy to forget.

I just use differently coloured wall squares for the closets. They are much faster to perceive than textual descriptions, and impossible to forget.

The room theme is important information in Fay. I don't want the player to forget it!

An additional bonus is that mapping effects can give away room theme from a distance.
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