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Hey Chris, I know you asked before about features that could be implemented in future PosCheng releases.

Have you ever thought much about improving the stealth system / borrowing some ideas from other variants? I'm having a lot of fun trawling really deep levels with a random character that just happened to find a lot of stealth equipment, but the stealth game feels really crude and it's basically "oh, is anything awake? Recall out because they're just going to chase me forever even though I'm a billion miles away." If nothing's awake, I can basically move around with impunity, even when detection gets my brain frazzled and terrified from beholding the visage of some awesome monster.

I might try a Ninja next to see how this all works when it's a primary mechanic for a class (rather than just something I do when I get bored and want to risk a -1100HP death.) Have you ever had any thoughts on tweaking stealth in PosCheng?
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