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Originally Posted by UglySquirrell View Post
The Mimic looks like a very cool class, i really like the @mimic equipment idea.
Would it be possible to have your inventory temporarily expanded when you change forms, for your extra gear? I seem to remember playing a variant that would allow you to pick up key/quest items, even when your inventory was full.
Actually, next release (3.3.1) I think I have a better solution. The game tracks which item was previously worn when you shift bodies and eject some gear. Next time you shift, your pack is scanned and any object so marked gets equipped automatically. No need to inscribe. For the most part, this is working well.

As for inventory expansion, I'm a bit hampered by the current code base which uses a fixed size array with both pack and equipment adjacent combined with liberal hard coded assumptions of this fact sprinkled throughout the code base. I'd rather not tangle with that beast at the moment*. But if you think about it (and I'm probably rationalizing), the current system makes more sense. When you shift, you can no longer wield an object, and then where does it go? To your pack or even to the ground makes sense.

* BTW, I think other variants with body types implemented things differently. I know of at least one that simply increased the size of the global array and then set aside reserved regions for equipment of a certain type (e.g. 10 slots for each kind of gear). But this approach is very unflexible (jellies? quylthulgs? multiple arms?) so I'm glad I didn't do it that way.
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