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Originally Posted by andrewdoull View Post
The maps are made from the wood pulp used to construct stairs in all the dungeons. As a part of the pulping process the magic that prevents monsters moving up and down stairs gets modified to allow you to teleport from the borders of almost any wilderness area.
Personally, I rather read that as ...
" Shut up, I'm reusing the stairs code from normal dungeon management, which is not really suited for the task, but fixing the thing would either break lots of other things, or require the rewrite of quite a bit of code, but the time required to do that I would rather invest elsewhere ...

Nevertheless, if it is working as designed atm, there's obviously a design error, which should be rectified sooner or later, IMHO, because with maps enabling teleport to every restricted area from another, the whole concept of "overland map" (levels, not objects) is superfluous.
And I love overland levels ... even if UN has pretty few of them - the ground levels of the dungeons, basically. Somehow I was under the impression that Andrew likes the wilderness levels from FA, though, and I'm hoping they might get transferred to UN one day ... . Thinking 'bout it, the "zoomable" overland map from Tome/Heng might be the best thing to do, but the level generation code used by those variants is pretty much awful.
So all it needs is the overland map code from Tome, the wilderness maps from FA, the dungeons from UN (including all the nice terrain), and everything would be fine.
No, I don't have a clue 'bout C, and I'm not starting my own variant. Never. Ever.
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