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Originally Posted by The Original Belmont View Post
If this is a necro of this topic then so be it, I just had to put my two cents in on A.I War being, IMO, the best 4x space game known to man. No, I don't work for Arcen Games, (the developer). I do not at all mind repping a developer who puts out high quality content at a fraction of the price of mainstream games.

It seems indie games are what's hot now. I hope people wake up and see that they are getting ripped by their beloved mainstream developers. I'm extremely jaded with those mainstream sheisters They just put out bare-bones garbage, charge top-dollar, then usually ON THE SAME DAY AS RELEASE OF THE GAME have downloadable content that should of JUST BEEN IN THE 60 DOLLAR GAME. WTF!

*end rant*
Interesting. After a brief flirtation with Civ V I ended up going for Sins of a Solar Empire - it's a space 4X, but it's real-time. I was very nervous at first 'cos I much prefer turn-based gaming, but it's superb and has really hooked me. Stardock don't seem to suffer from the "peddle crap then patch it" mentality of so many other publishers.

I did download the trial of AI War though, so I will give that a whirl over xmas and see if it's worth the full monty.
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