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I was able to get this to compile on my Linux box with relatively little trouble. I haven't tried to actually play it yet, but I have gotten to the "town" screen with the given savefile.

What I did:

Run the command:
sh ./
In order to do this I had to first do two things:
1) The '' script has a space between the '#' and the '!' on the first line. The space needs to be removed.

2) I had to remove the carriage-return characters i.e. convert the dos standard "carriage-return / linefeed" into the Unix standard "linefeed" (only). Otherwise, the shell kept trying to treat the carriage-return as a command to execute. I do this with
     sed 's/\r//'  < infile  > outfile
but there are a host of other ways.

Once has been run, run the configure command. I used:
./configure --with-no-install --disable-x11 --prefix=`pwd`

We now want to compile it using "make". I used the default Makefile provided, except I had to comment out the line:
Once that was done, I could run "make". It compiled and linked, although it gave some errors after successfully linking.
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