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Originally Posted by Gwarl View Post
Significantly better in most situations, since most of my enemies weren't using elemental attacks. These days I will tolerate a -1 or -2 speed. I found it in the DL20's IIRC.

Honestly, try consciously aiming for high AC when playing and then switch it all out for some much lower AC gear and see if you notice that you take more damage. the difference between robe/adamantite was huge, I will sometimes take a -1 to speed to switch soft leather armour for brigandine. It is worth it. Another case in point is red book caster's shield spell - you can turn on your AC bonus and notice you're getting hurt less even when your AC is already high.
I have been playing since the Moria days and my assessment of the value of AC doesnt stem from lack of experimentation.
I am using the shield spell in the right situations and yes you take less damage in heavy armour. That is not in question. What is in question is what are you dropping when pressed, AC or resist ? AC is luxury, not necessity.
Getting double breathed at without resistance kills without giving you a chance to react, while you dont commonly die in 1 round from melee.
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