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A new beta is out!

Grab it from GitHub or Bitbucket or wait for ModDB.

* bug fix - naming box not accepting keypresses [kudos to Castler]
* bug fix - bonus feats button now available only to fighters
* bug fix - no more lua error due to a typo in one of the poison defs
* bug fix - play button being unclickable in some resolutions
* bug fix - charges not shown for some spells in spellbook [Castler]
* bug fix - using Diplomacy/Animal Empathy on invalid target no longer wastes a turn [Castler]
* bug fix - using Diplomacy on yourself no longer leads to amusing stuff [Castler]
* bug fix - bards not receiving spells
* bug fix - paladins and rangers missing the spellbook button
* bug fix - club not being listed as simple weapon; dual-wielding quarterstaves
* bug fix - two last entries not clickable in stat increase dialog
* bug fix - typo in water elemental description
* bug fix - fireball and light spells working as intended
* bug fix - no more spellbooks for NPCs; clarified raven familiar description
* bug fix - give specific magic items unided names
* bug fix - correct lantern tile
* bug fix - make prestige class levels show up in character sheet

* update to T-Engine 1.2.2
* new spell: mount, haste
* new spell icons: mage armor, ghoul touch, alter self
* make player tiles change depending on player equipment ("moddable" as in ToME 4)
* add stack number display
* add settings
* integrate parts of Marson's UI addon
* add full framebuffer shaders
* rearrange the UI a bit; add log fade
* add equipdoll to inventory screen
* add information pop-ups to char creation screen
* enable right clicking when manually selecting attributes [Castler]
* add tutorial level
* shuffle events stuff to GameState.lua
* shuffle item perks stuff to Player.lua
* remove the flasher (top message bar) since it wouldn't clear properly
* clicking spell name in spellbook now has the same effect as clicking spell icon [Castler]
* display fractional CR as fractions not decimals [Castler]
* add spell level tabs to spellbook
* add tooltips to store interface

There are a few remaining issues I'm aware of but I'm leaving for holidays for a month. Keep that sweet feedback coming!
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