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how to dive?

After spending enough time reading the forums here, and enough time crying over characters lost around 2500' and millions of turns logged, I decided to try this "fast diving" thing. So I scrapped my usual Dwarf Paladin for a Half-Troll Rogue (can't quite bring myself to be a real warrrior and give up all detection spells), and am now looking for the next stairs down as quickly as possible. I intend to be at dlvl>clvl around 9, rather than my usual 20 or more. I'm not surfacing to buy a stack of ?ID every time I run out. I'm trying every potion and scroll I find. And so on.

I tried this once and died a stupid death to a baby dragon. I'm now trying again (with no tears shed). Clearly I need to run more and melee less. But doesn't that stop working eventually? Won't I get to a depth where I'm too weak to kill anything at all? Or is there a particular list of enemies that are good to try to fight, when everything else should be avoided? I'm quite out of my element here. (My usual strategy was the same as I use on more modern console-style RPGs, that is, don't go somewhere where you can encounter things you can't kill, and level up on the weaker stuff instead first. I've never tried anything else.) So how do you level up and get drops when you're always surrounded by things you're afraid to fight?

[Edit to correct the fact that I didn't know my own race...]

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