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I usually play as mage or priest, I have never even tried a rogue, but hell.

First thing, I always take each staircase down until 1000' (dlvl 20). My mages die there, my priests survive and get better. They go to 2000' and stay there (well, if they fall through a trap door, they don't go up again). The stronger dragons (up to mature, I think) that appear are easy prey, thanks to Orb of Draining (a r-2 or r-3 ball dealing double damage to evil creature, 7 Mana). Hounds are annoying, but the lower ones (Fire, Air) are easy to kill. Beware the strong ones (Inertia, Gravity, Vibration), though. I usually stay there (usually? I've been there 2 times.) until I kill of most uniques.

I basically ignore any feelings until 2000', where I rapidly gain cool stuff. I buy all !Enlightenment I can get, but NO stat potions, as they are expensive and are often found in the dungeon. I usually carry 50-60 ?Identify, 5-6 ?WoR and all useful rods I can get (Lightning Bolt saved my hide twice).
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