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I agree completely with Eddie about destruction removing artifacts also. So much so, that I consider destructing vaults to get loot to be abuse.

TO transporting items has been often suggested, and I'm kind of ambivalent about it. I actually think it would only require more moving around to get the monster to a location that you can TO them without removing items. This could be interesting or tedious. I'm not sure.

Now, if you allowed more monsters (especially uniques) to pick up items. And even allowed uniques and powerful monsters to pick up artifacts. You actually do get the 'must kill to get the items' that people seem to want. I'm not sure this is a great idea either. But I guess is something to consider.

edit: In my experience, I get very few useful items from GVs, mostly because I don't see very many of them. It's a lot easier to lure monsters out of lesser vaults. I think it'd be poor gameplay to have players avoid GVs because of too little reward/risk and instead only loot the LVs.
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