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Didn't find this, but might be the most amazing artifact armor I have seen.

the Multi-Hued Dragon Scale Mail of Ardoren (-2) [45,+21] <+2, +3, +12>
A suit of scales that throbs with angry energies; it takes all your energy to
master the Elements fighting an endless war trapped inside.

+2 stealth.
+3 searching skill.
+12 speed.
Provides resistance to Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Poison, Light, Dark, Nexus,
Provides protection from fear, blindness, confusion.
Prevents paralysis.  

When activated, it attempts to magically enhance a weapon both to-hit and
Takes 180 to 264 turns to recharge.
Your chance of success is 97.5%

Min Level 98, Max Level 127, Generation chance 6, Power 701, 21.0 lbs
Random dragon armor of power 701.
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