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Originally Posted by Selkie View Post
How do others deal with the death of a character?

My clv22 Hobbit rogue had a sling of Buckland (which is basically a stony machine gun) and had just found a trident of Wrath. I spent a couple of dungeon levels blitzing everything and feeling like a God.

Then Old Man Willow shows up and I thought I'd go a few rounds with this fella just to see how things went and teleport myself or the tree tank away if it got sticky. First round my trident took one of his stars away and I was a bit confident. He wakes up, paralyses me and I watch myself die and unable to respond. Obviously the lesson was I needed free action, which is a relatively common armour bonus even at lower levels.

But what I want to know is how you respond? I immediately launched into a new game with the same character but I felt really annoyed and was taking reckless chances and dying a lot. It can feel such a drag having to find the Phial of Galadriel all over again etc.

Sometimes I'll just pick a completely different race/class and just have some fun.

I used to save scum for years because I hated my characters to die, but eventually I realised this was also robbing me of any satisfaction.

I love the early game the most, but after a silly death of a character you're enjoying and have game winning hopes for I want to know how you psych yourself up mentally for another round.

Unless it's a low-level death - I try and put a day between @ death and starting a new character.

For one thing, new @'s are less powerful and have fewer escapes than powerful characters that just got hammered so you're more likely to get the new @ killed.

I also switch up from race/character class.

One of my goals is a win with each race and a win with each class (not necessarily with each combo - no half-troll mages for me thank you very much ).

So I tend to alternate spell casters and melee characters.
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