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Originally Posted by JoeLegner View Post
I had a great game going for about a week. Last night I typed Control+X to save, and restarted my computer (Mac). Game version is 4.2.0.

Today I opened my terminal and typed Angband as I normally do to start the game, and it says I am at level 1!
From the way you start the game, it sounds like you're using a custom version of some sort. With the native Mac front end, you'd normally double-click on the application and use the menu bar or command-o to then open your previous save file. How did you install what you have? Do you know where it's placing the save files?

Without knowing more, here's some stabs in the dark at what might have happened:
  • After the restart, did you log in to the account you were using before? If you're on as a different user (or it's somehow confused about where your home directory is) then that would explain why it didn't find the former character (assuming the version you have is putting the savefiles in something like ~/.angband).
  • Did you upgrade the OS along with the restart? At least with Catalina, that can relocate some files in the system directories and perhaps your installation of Angband was affected. If there was an upgrade, check for a "Relocated Items" folder on your desktop.
  • If Angband was configured to store the save files in a temporary directory like /tmp or /var/tmp, it's possible that the restart purged the contents of the directory.
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