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Dwarf Paladin

Got tired of being absurdly fragile. Dwarf Paladin is super easy to play. Can almost play it like HT Warrior, and having spells is a super nice bonus. I noticed that Cure Serious Wounds is a reasonable cost in the Purifications book. Didn't it used to be like 7 mana? It's 4 in that book.

The description on Mortal Wounds (heals 50HP) doesn't seem quite right, though, when you compare it to the damage in Knight Templar's description: "causes mortal wounds (325)." Surely 50 and 325 are not similar numbers.

Yay early Amras. Been a gooood crash dive so far. Just picked up a wand of TO and Amras on DL29. Dethanc on DL1.

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