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Ha-HAA! Amras again! Does this mean I'm dead shortly? Just slew Kavlax. @ is getting powerful. But didn't want to burn my ?Banish on the Time hounds since I'm trying to get to the downstairs (level feeling 7-5). Nevertheless, I shoulda lit the room instead of walking towards the nearby stairs. Got breathed on which hit my WIS and DEX so had to portal out of there. I like to save ?Banish on levels I wish to explore (ie. making the vault less dangerous).

I like how Drolems are out of depth monsters at their depth. He has 2200HP! Same as Scatha, but Scatha is a Unique and is two DL deeper! I'm much safer fighting Scatha than I am a Drolem. What I'm saying is, I made it to the stairs, saw some good targets right at the start of the next level and was thinking about who to hit first, but decided I should probably detect first since I might not be seeing everything in the starting room. Low and behold, about 40 feet from me, just out of LOS of my Phial is a Drolem! Good thing I picked up another wand of TO. Unfortunately no downstairs nearby, so I will probably have to ?Recall after I kill Scatha, who is hopefully close enough to me at about 2000' away, that the Drolem won't be TO'd near him. I suppose the smartest thing to do would to TO and ?recall immediately. Kinda wishing I had the =rPois swap now, but 2 !Restore Mana or 2?*Destruction* would be the ones I'd swap for.

Ha-- first TO attempt failed. So I had to select the square where detection showed him to be and try again "blind". And the drolem disappears, even if the game does not give any message after I discharged the wand.

Ha-HAA! (2X) So I was dealing with some baddies, including TOing Gorgon who showed up out of nowhere, and after I was done, (still right next to the starting room) I figured, well, Hollhenneth has recharged, maybe I should detect again. I may see where I TO'd the Drolem. Guess where I TO'd him? That's right! *Right* next to Scatha. Hahahahaha. I guess I'll be headed in the other direction.

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