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Not a recent issue, but is there something buggy with Ulwarth and Ulfast's drops? They never seem to drop anything when you kill them, and are also the only two monsters on the list to have the flag combination "DROP_60 | DROP_GOOD | ONLY_ITEM". (I'm not really familiar with the exact meaning of all the drop flags, but should they have the DROP_1 flag, maybe?)

Also, while we're on the subject of long-standing issues that aren't specific to 4.1, I think I've raised this before, but can we please change the Quit confirmation prompt to something else? "Do you really want to commit suicide?" is a really creepy message to have the game flashing at you unexpectedly any time you accidentally toggle caps lock and hit Q instead of quaffing. Even "Do you really want to suicide this character?" would be a big improvement.
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