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Thoughts on shopping

After reading this article...
I did a little thinking and...

Has anyone ever tired to implement a supply and demand economy in Angband. Items sold frequently or that are in high supply will sell will buy/sell very cheaply. Items frequently purchased and/or in short supply will cost more. Beyond this, to keep supply in line with players' abilities/level, why not just stock stores with items from the dungeon/wilderness/where ever the player happens to be exploring (literally). With the though of a greater universe, with other (unseen) adventurers perusing the same levels as the player, assume that most items not picked up or destroyed by the player will eventually be found by someone and most will end up being sold to a shopkeeper. Therefore, the items the player is likely to have found (or similar) and will want to sell, will be in stock and therefore be worth less. Items the players hasn't found will likely not be in stock and will cost more. Most often, gold ceases to be an issue when one can sell ego-items and artifacts for huge amounts of gold. But how many times have you passed up a vault of really nice gear for fear of losing your life. What if some of that abandoned loot ended up in the shop. How much would your 'Holy Avenger' be worth then?

Just my 2 cents and 10 minutes, not overly contemplated, poke holes if you like. It just seemed like a pseudo free market economy is the way to go.
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