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Originally Posted by pav View Post
Supply/demand economy cannot work in a single player game.
...pseudo supply demand. Obviously you would have to simulate others making sales and purchases. Thus, the savaging dungeons for items and some way of thinning out shop inventory.

Basically, loot will soon become unsellable
Perhaps. More likely if you sell a LOT. In any case, it reduces the availability of gold to the player.

and WoR scrolls prices would runaway.
Exactly my point!!!! at least to a certain extent. Once you ceased buying them, the price would drop. Also, prices would have a tendency to stabilize over time.

This whole scheme was designed to make gold a valuable commodity once again, and it sounds like you're worried about your gold supply. When's the last time that thought entered your mind during a dive.

BTW, I'm not saying this as a good idea, and I take no responsibility for the misery of anyone who might want to implement it. It's just an idea.
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