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Originally Posted by Dean Anderson View Post
Hmm... I'm not quite sure what you mean here.

The current architecture is that it's a Windows desktop application. The main window uses WPF to display its contents.

That's not ideal (I'm not a big fan of WPF) but - at least initially - I wanted something that would work "out of the box" rather than something that relied on third party libraries and complex install sequences.

That left me with three options:

1) Console
2) WinForms
3) WPF

I experimented with making it a pure console application, but the C# console implementation isn't all that quick, and things like wiping the screen and displaying a page full of text are noticeably slow. It's also restricted in colour usage to a pre-defined set of sixteen colours, and that set doesn't match the default Angband colours, so you have to put up with some merging and

So that left me options 2 and 3. Given that WPF takes advantage of hardware acceleration, and WinForms doesn't, I went for that. It has the advantage that you can easily change the font and window size on the fly without needing a re-start, and all the text takes advantage of ClearType font rendering so it looks nice and crisp regardless of resolution.

However, I do say that this is the current front end. I've deliberately abstracted the front end so I can switch to a different technology or library very easily.
There's a cthangband shaped hole at - I compile a lot of variants and I can't remember exactly what my guess was as to why I couldn't get cthangband working, but in most cases for Z variants it's related to a bug in Z where gcc wouldn't recognise a 64bit compiler flag and the RNG got a wrong number of bits. The fact it's in active development again motivates me to give it another try, but it needs to run in a terminal and to compile without the aid of microsoft.

Where's the download for the C version of 5.1.0?
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