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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
No, you can't make 2-key macros (and you could never do so.)
Of course you could, unless you mean it would be too big an effort to get the code to support this. (I have a false memory of Angband supporting this, not sure what I'm confusing Angband with.)

That said I had a quick look at the code to see if @ma-style inscriptions could be made to work, since that's what I'm really after. Comfortable typing!
It looks like this may be rather straightforward:
- add 26 more slots to the m->inscriptions array in ui-object.c (function item_menu) and fill them
- in ui_menu.c, function get_cursor_key, use that array in the case the toupper'd key.code is in 'A'-'Z'.
- in function get_tag (ui-object.c), fail the quiver and normal tag cases when the tag is not in '0'-'9'
That simple?

Well I wanted to just try, so I downloaded the 4.1.3 [EDIT fixed thanks khearn] sources and followed the instructions at
It says
If you use Unix, then the best option is to use the ./configure script. This requires a recent version of autoconf (v2.60 or later). If you have downloaded a copy of the source from the main website, it will have this included. However, if you have got the source from git you'll have to create it yourself:

$ sh
Unfortunately I couldn't find a configure file, nor an file (the find command couldn't too).
So what's with compiling 4.1.3???

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