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4.2.0 hang on Mac OS Mojave

Well, there I was, zipping along and targeting an orc, and all of a sudden -- boom, no response, and a permanent spinning beach ball. The game is taking 100% CPU and not responding. The last thing I did was target, and I know that there was a Qulthyug in the room. I don't suppose there's any way to save progress if I force quit the process?

p.s. I was dubious at first about 4.2.0 with the removal of so many of my favorite mage swiss army knife utility spells, but the recharging and draining of staves and wands is an interesting new dynamic (keeping normally useless staves around as mana banks), and having effects (slow, stun, hold, etc.) which actually do something most of the time is a big plus.

I'm looking forward to level 25 with spell casting hasting, is it a true 2x casting rate (two spells per turn) or is is just like +10 speed for casting?
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