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The adventures of Bogroll, the mediocre rogue

Given how rogue is so easy to play, i've decided to give myself a bit of a challenge and start a human rogue; i'll be missing the bonus STR from half-orc, but will make up for it with - yes, you guessed it - lots and lots of grinding.

starting stats: 6pts STR, 6pts DEX, 3pts INT, 5pts CON for a base of 16 STR, 13 INT, 10 WIS, 16 DEX, 15 CON.
1.3 blows/round with a dagger. 16hp, 0sp.

CL1 - DL1
no magical daggers at the weaponsmith. I but 3x CLW, no CSW available - mostly to ID them. i buy 3x ?phase.
In the dungeon, i kill some jackals and snakes, and hit CL2, 19hp 0sp. Fighting even these mobs is hard with these stats.
I kill some more stuff and reach CL3, 22hp 0sp. Lots of 3' on the hp rolls today.

I explore the whole level and return to town. I ID !spd and buy a CSW, and set my sights on a rapier (+4,+4) at the weaponsmith, but i dont have the 700gold necessary.

My second visit to the dungeon yields a torch of brightness (250 gold) and some magical sling pebbles, which could be good, as even killing DL stuff leaves me gasping for air. I am hoping to reach DL5 so i can earn XP by disarming traps. Needless to say, with no mana or spells and with a mindboggling 4.6 damage per round, descending now would be suicidal, as a single soldier would surely kill me.
I go back to town with some minor IDs and CL4, 33hp 0sp.

Fourth time down, after an epic struggle with a white icky thing and a centipede, i ding CL5 and luck out, 43hp 2sp - i decide it's time to go deeper.
"i can take this dracolich"
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