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DL2 - the gods smile upon me

i enter into a 2- level and immediately fight off Fang, which i miraculously kill, and then the level is revealed as a 2-9 !!
Grip shortly joins his brother in eternal rest and i find nearby my first magical weapon, a dagger (+4,+1).
I kill two acolytes and i get both a sling (normal) and a kick in the balls - CL6 44hp 3sp. That's right, i get ONE hp this level.

I battle my first soldier and he does 20 damage in 1 hit, lol, i drink 2x CLW and survive.
I get a set of gauntlets of FA and, as i make my way to the end of the dungeon to find whatever it was that triggered the -9, i drop down a trapdoor.

(it wasnt the gauntlets)

DL3 proves to be slightly happier; i find a sling (+4,+5) now giving my few magical pebbles a damage output of 21 DPS.
LF 1-2 which i deem successful so i go down the stairs. CL7 54hp 4sp.

BECAUSE I GOT 10HP LAST LEVEL OFC NOW I GET ONLY TWO so on my start at DL4 i find a wand of wonder and a wand of magic missile (very useful) and i hit CL8 56hp 5sp.
otherwise uneventful level, 2-2.

DL5 !
I now get 1~2xp per trap disarmed ..

I test my magical sling against some healers and it does short work, and i hit CL9, with 67hp and 6sp.

LF 2-1, so we go down. I already have enough gear to sell to make back 2x recall scrolls, but i think i can push it a couple more DLs.


a couple of kobolds remind me of just how hard i suck, so i fire off my precious few pebbles.
I finally hit CL10 (77hp, 7sp) and i get my first Detect Objects, and the first cast reveals a shovel, and a lantern! wohooo!! TIME2KILmOrgoth
i grab both, scummily grind 45xp' worth of breeders, and recall to town.

CL11 91hp 8sp

In town i sell my stuff, including a non-ID scroll that turns out to be *enchantweapon, and in the weaponsmith i find a rapier of venom (+4,+1) for 300 gold.
I make a play and buy it and buy back the scroll, which enchants it to ... (+4,+2). Jesus what luck today.

Still, this ups my damage to 16dps, almost triple the dagger.

I find a stack of !spd in the BM but since im moving so slow, i will probably stack a lot anyway (i have a whopping 9 already) so i save my 1000g and head back down.

"i can take this dracolich"
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