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DL 6 again, LF 2-1

clear the level looking for XP

DL7 LF 3-1

i kill my first unique, Mugash, with a reduced escort, and it takes a !spd and some CLW. I also run into some orcs who take another !spd !hero and CLW.
All in all it's a bunch of XP and CL13, for a total of ... 97hp 10sp. WHAT.

worst rolls ever for the worst rogue ever. No useful drops.

DL8 LF 3-2

random mobs, a few new junk IDs.

DL8 LF 2-1

a rod of find treasure (to keep for now), junk.

DL9 LF 2-1

another *wow* level.

DL10 LF 2-1


DL11 LF 3-3

i kill 2 kobolds a tengu and a cobra and reach CL14 and ofc roll 2hp for 99hp 12sp.
Starting to get seriousy annoyed here.

i recall to town and sell my stuff; i ID a scroll of summon monsters and read it for some cheap XP, and i wind up summoning Bullroarer. I also find 5x scrolls of enchant damage and make my rapier (+4,+7) giving me a health 24 DPS.

DL11 LF 3-1

large-cave level, which i plan to leave right away. I kill Grishnakh + some orcs for CL15 111hp 13sp, no useful drops, but a shield {cursed} with steelskin that should sell well.

DL12 LF 4-3

i really need some decent gear here ..
as i walk along i stumble into a room absolutely packed with mobs, and Gomfimbul with his orc escort. I use a whopping 17 (all) CSW and 2 !spd, plus another !spd later to run away from a umber hulk. I grab some drops and bail out. CL16 119hp 14sp.

Glorfimbul dropped some arrows of wounding (+11,+13) so i sell my sling and last single magical shot and but a longbow (+5,+3).
I sell the cursed shield that turns out to be Of Resistance, but then again i get 3k gold for it. Armed with a whoooole bunch of CLW i set back into the dungeon.

DL12 LF 3-5 (again - had to take stairs to avoid the hulk)

finally something decent, if i dont fall into a trapdoor. with randarts even a light can change the game.
I kill some random stuff and reach CL17 128hp 15sp. I find rather quickly the drop and it is The Elfstone of Darthath
+4 STR
pBlind rElect rFire {??}

DL13 LF 4-3

i kill some stuff and find a scrolls room, and while im bashing at a mob i see that a hummerhorn has started breeding; i rapidly leave the level, but not before a glutton ghost reminds me that i cannot see invisible creatures yet.

As i plan to leave the level i run into Orfax Son Of Boldor in a corridor, where his confusion attack doesnt help him. He doesnt drop anything but allows me to hit CL18 129hp (yes, ONE hp) and 16sp. i recall and go to work.
"i can take this dracolich"
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