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a little bit of grinding

DL36 LF 5-2

some decent XP

DL35 LF 6-6

Augmented Chain Mail (Dwarven) like i already have, but with +2 CON instead of +1. I dodge a crystal drake as i dont know if i can take a breath.
CL30 257hp 25sp. quick recall to sell.

DL36 LF 4-4

i kill a chaos drake and a law drake, find a potion of DEX and buy a CON from BM.

DL36 LF 6-5

i try to tank Lorgan, Chief of the Easterling even using a !spd but be reks me hard, and i teleport away. I need a better weapon than my store-bough rapier.
I do clear a naga pit and get the Pendant Of Minas
+4 DEX rFire rPois rLight rDark

i sell my stuff and read a DD out of boredom.

DL41 LF 5-3

large cave level, dangerous and no payoff.

DL42 LF 6-3

i kill Castamir the Usurper but he drops nothing. In a chest nearby i find
the Leather Shield 'Andrin'
+4 DEX +3 INT +1 light
rAcid rElect rCold rLight
but i would lose rPois so i shelve it.

DL41 - LF 7-6

at this depth and my power level (without Teleport Other) i may not even be able to take on whatever is guarding this drop. I pop a !Enlightment to find that little triangular walled-off special room, and in one of the side 1-square closed rooms i kill a dragonfly and find something that looks promising:
The Light Crossbow 'Eregor' (x5) (+14,+21)
branded with Cold
+2 DEX +2 INT
rAcid rPois (!!)
FF FA Regen A: Acid Ball

i slot it in (i have no ammo) and also the shield i just found.
I look for the last 2 items showing on the map and run into a pack of Dreads who chew me up, but i come out alive and CL31 270hp 29sp (after the gear buff).

i recall to town.

i sell everything and am now over 150k gold. a katana of *slay* demon has pConf on it so i drop my rapier. I buy some plain bolts and they do 195 dmg with this crossbow. Lorgan is still out of reach with his teleport to target ability, but i should be able to go a little deeper now. I learn Teleport Other at 50% fail rate and max 1 cast with my mana.

DL41 LF .. i dont know. my first step into the dungeon a nexus vortex hits me and tele-levels me to

DL40 LF 5-4

another 4-room special room. i get hurt by various minor mobs and although the crossbow really helps, i feel underpowered and find no drops, so i start complaining under my breath, when a scroll i ID turns out to be Acquirement; and while i normally get nothing good from them, this time i get:
The Ring 'Varest' (+1,+2)
+4 STR +5 INT +2 DEX +3 CON +4 stealth +2 Spd +1 light
slays undead
rAcid rElect rFire rCold rPois rSound rNether sSTR A: tele-level

the sustain STR is vital and i slot it in place of my STR ring
i have now 336 DPS vs demons, 239 undead, and 141 others; still low, but workable.

DL40 LF 5-6

Wormtongue shows up and die immediately, but drops nothing. Killing a single storm giant with 140dps takes 2/3 of my hp, but it can be done. I find 2 CON pots lying around that put me to 317hp.

I find a Defender sword (nice damage but no pConf), a *slay evil* sword (230 dps but again, no pConf), and a potion of STR in the BM (i stash away the slay evil sword).

DL40 LF 6-6

i find a new potion and suicidally drink it, it turns out to be Augmentation. i get stuck in a really tight spot between a dark knight, a death knight and a storm giant who keeps recalling me and have to spend a !heal and many ?phase. at the end of the fight im CL32, 333hp 92sp.

from town i read a DD

DL45 LF 6-5

Kavlax The Many-Headed is sleeping in a corridor; he can breathe Nexus and end me in 1 turn so i leave him alone. I teleport away and find a chain mail of elvenkind; is it maybe of rNexus? no. it's not. I fight a berserk and inadvertently wake up Gorlim, Betrayer of Turin, who can waterbolt me to death in a jif, so i tele again.
DL45 is too hard in my current conditions. i recall and call it a day.
"i can take this dracolich"
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