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The shooter issue is more of a store thing. A couple always: lines in stores.txt would solve that. It kind of seems to me that the items in any class's standard starting kit should probably be staples in the stores.

Making sure there's no lava right next to the stairs is pretty straightforward.

I remember the old town layout. It was a lot easier to get around the town quickly by running. The new layout has more flavor, but a little more regularity to the layout might make it easier to navigate. It was always kind of weird to me to show up to a shop that was like 60x100 on the map, looking like some big warehouse, and the stock is like 3 things.

Generally my ideas are, try to impose some kind of semi-regular street layout and include some buildings that aren't stores (maybe some of them crumbling and part rubble). The new starburst with lava layout makes me think, like, maybe there was a volcanic eruption that isolated and partly destroyed the town.
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