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I took screenshots of the game with both states simultaneously existing: the DL72 main game window and the DL85 inventory windows. I’m at work right now but I will review the game state when I get back tomorrow evening (I might be able to get on tonight). I’ve had strange dreams that I thought were real but which I was able to eventually figure out were really just dreams but this is definitely not one of those cases.

I didn’t open any files. I was playing along on DL85 and switched to explorer for a second to delete a video and then switched back to Angband. No loading of a file happened. The game suddenly was DL72 instead of DL85. What I think I may do is copy the save file as a back up. Then I’ll quit the game normally and then open the program again and reload the save game and see if I get the DL72 version or the DL85. I may even stream doing this live (tho I’ve never streamed live before so not sure I know how). I have video of me playing after DL72, on DL85:

I also have the game recorded that glitched at the precise point I’m now at in the game. The glitch happens around the 12 minute mark:
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.

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