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Originally Posted by Tibarius View Post
On first sight i would agree that it wouldn't hurt. Besides the fact that i cannot imagine how a half-troll could actually be given birth to, i think Dunadan is just a special form of human. And i cannot recognize any logic behind the XP modifiers either.

I actually would vote for removing half-breed races, and keep

Human is the standard, all other races should have their unique strength and weakness. XP modifier are not realy required from my perspective, because the other races should not be stronger than human but just have a slightly other game behavior.
I work with many Germans, lovely people. They would despair of you I'm sure.

Intentional confrontational rudeness is not a virtue. If you believe you can do better then simply do so. No one is stopping you.

On the other hand being obtuse and rude is simply...being obtuse and rude.

One garners no respect and it's hardly professional. Much of the current version of V is due to a lot of collaboration and painstaking work, mostly by Nick.

You are welcome to your opinions. I however should likely learn and not throw rations to Rogrog.
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