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Fixed the remaining flicker of the screen, because a) it was annoying as hell when debugging and b) if I couldn't even get a simple '@' running around without intermittent flickering, I might as well give up and stick to the apps I'm coding at work.

Of course, this also meant implementing the events for screen updates from actors instead of a general 'lets see if we can spot the difference'. (which, btw. wasn't the cause of the flicker...). Which fortunately was one of the rather high-prio tasks in my todo list.

I'll sideline the explorable map for a while longer - theoretically it would use the same event system to toggle 'explored' and 'seen' flags on the terrain. But knowing myself, once I start, I'll head down the lane towards LOS, and THAT I'm not ready to tackle yet. Working on structuring the player-input handling routines so they can bump into things, that seems currently much more tempting.

Although... A basic floodfill with a range-from-origin limit might work as a first approximation? I guess that's how lanterns or light are done, anyway. Might also come in handy when checking for connectedness of rooms etc.

OT: I hope it's okay that I abuse this thread as some sort of running commentary? I could move it to a website or blog, it's just that I sometimes start seeing solutions once I type out my thoughts about the problem. And of course, I count on someone yelling 'stop!' when I'm about to do something extraordinarily stupid.
Other than trying to write a RL while already developing software as a dayjob.
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