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Finally got around to continue working on this.

Implemented a basic inventory - picking up, dropping and using items. In the course of that I refined the menu system (for updating menu text while the menu is displayed) and tweaked the basic message system (so everything gets send through the same channels instead of having a few special cases).

A very pleasant surprise was how much of picking up and dropping already was supported in my map code. I just needed to plug in a new list for items, and everything from there went automatically. Three cheers for OOD!

I also decided on a theme for the game. So I'm currently having two different brainstorming lists - one with everything that somehow might fit the theme and one with what I think might get implemented in this first version. When I get the next step done, basic stats, I'll take a break and talk about the theme and scope. From what I have so far it will definitely be a coffee-break RL, but I try to design everything with a possible expansion in mind.

For stats, so far I'm toying with the idea of borrowing Fallouts SPECIAL system. Which would fit in nicely with the theme idea.
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