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One of my brothers played Hack or Nethack on our 486 DX back in the 80's- not sure how they got hold of it but I do remember the keystone cops mentioned earlier.

When I got Uni in the early 90's my group of friends and I started playing Angband 2.4.frog knows. I think I hung with it until 2.6.2, but was greatly distracted by Nightmare MUD at the time.

I have had two cracks at Angband since and am currently running 3.1.0 beta.

Never had a winner, but my current Dwarven Priest is a lvl 18, at 400', who's just knocked off Wormtongue and picked up 'Cambeleg'. I'm a search every corner of the map player and only go down when I've not got a full inventory. So that makes me a slow and steady player, suits the Dwarven nature I suppose
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