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Updating help files

This file will have all the most recent updated files. Because of oook's insanely low limits on text file size, I'll need to add them as .zips Since there are more than 5 files, see the second message for additional files.

Major changes:
dungeon.txt no longer exists. What was in that file is the new playing.txt (a more apt name).
The old playing.txt was split between command.txt and a new customize.txt

I think I've completed everything with the exception of a couple items in options.txt that I didn't know what they were (status subwindow, and the mouse buttons). Everything else is ready to go. Ewert was talking about writing a basic newbie guide with strategies and maybe that could be an addition to playing.txt or a new file.


So I've taken on the task of updating the help files. I've done two so far (birth and command)

Description of changes/additions are here:

Added basic description of 'speed' under attributes.

cleaned up races a bit, added infravision to description.

Cleaned up classes a bit, added max blows to description along with 0% fail where applicable.

Described recommended starting stat levels. Ignored 'maximise' option since it's treated in the options file. And seems like a major aside here.

Added that inspection shows how to get more blows under fighting.


described encumberance limits display on inventory

added quiver description to equipment, wield and fire.

Added that you can use - to turn off auto-disarm

Added 'movement' commands. Really, how in the world was this not here. Also described the use of ctrl+move

Added that opening auto-picks

Moved what was under 'fire' to throw, and rewrote fire. It was blatantly wrong, since it said you could use the fire command to throw.

Changed Observe and item (I) to Inspect an item (I). Mentioned that it will let you know if you have not yet found all item attributes. Also current and additional blows and digging stats.

added location of objects in object list display.

Added that notes appear in character history

Added description of auto-inscribe in the ~ list.

Hopefully the formatting is ok.
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