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removed haggling reference.

Removed store race effects and shopkeeper greed in shopping (doesn't exist anymore, I believe) Included store max

Included store restock times since turns are displayed.

Changed store inventory description where appropriate. I.E. general store has WoR now but temple doesn't have it.

removed 'be careful to find every treasure' on the dungeon level description because preserve mode is the default, and this message only speaks to non-preserve mode.

included that monsters will not chase up or down stairs.

changed the way curses are worded, although this will need to be changed again soon when curses are reworked.

changed the way encumbrance was worded.

added the WoR starts in character inventory.

changed WoR description, included 'recall' feature on screen bottom.

added description of flavors, and {unknown} tag in stores.

Based on what's written here, I'll add 'inscription instructions' to command.txt There was a circular reference where one file referenced the other for instructions on this, but neither actually had it. Commands seems like a better place to put it.

Included more descriptions of pseudo and removed the 'discount' stuff. man I had forgotten that existed. Replaced current out of date section.

Described in brief the ID-by-use system.

Added enchantment breaking curses in 'cursed items' for however long this feature exists, it may be out of date soon.

Added section on traps

Removed a paragraph describing Morgoth because it's just not true. (i.e. can't be *destructed*)
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