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[announce] Sangband 1.0.1 released

Sangband 1.0.1
Project Website
Sangband 1.0.1 for Windows
Sangband 1.0.1 source
Major changes since 1.0.0
  • Savefile INCOMPATIBLE!
  • No longer able to raise skills once you reach power 100.
  • Magic oaths are harder to come by, martial oaths easier.
  • Improved support for shadowstalker characters.
    - Able to pick locks, use devices, and disarm in the dark with infravision. Able to read certain scrolls in the dark.
    - Ability to cast priestly and necromatic spells in the dark with less or more power, respectively.
    - Infravision now maps the dungeon, and allows you to see objects on the floor.
    - Burglary now gives a 'darkness' talent.
  • Martials arts revamped; they get criticals, have more than two blows, and can benefit from brands and deadliness. They provide a variety of bonuses depending on skills.
  • Add history to character dumps.
  • Improve display of weapon blows, hit rate, damage, and resistances on character screen.
  • Adjust polearm and hafted damage to compare better with swords.
  • Dropped books will show a preference for the player's spellcasting type.
  • Game will now by default generate extra cash, but prevent selling objects (birth option).
  • Monsters target player in rubble properly.
  • Dwarves are smart, instead of wise.
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