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Borg Winner for 320

This one used munchkin_mode until about clevel 20. It progressed normally for most of the game. I found some errors in the code relating to collecting *Heal* potions. This kept him from winning earlier on. It probably delayed the win by about 4 million turns.

He found a =Speed +16, but decided to trade in one of the Rings of Power. The borg really likes Immunities. He found 3 rings of power.

He found Razorback and carried for a swap armor for a long time. He traded out some Law DSM for that White DSM of Speed. I'm not sure why he would do that.

His swap weapon was Deathwreaker but I never saw him use it.

He collected about 40 *Heals*, and 62 Life. He used about 20 *Heal* during the Morgoth combat. It went pretty smoothly. Whenever his HP dropped below 700, he drank a potion.

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