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Originally Posted by Gorbad View Post
First of all let me state that I love these new guys, especially the wandering around confused and hallucinating for quite a few turns.

However, I think the RV value of 5000 to S_DRAIN_LIFE might be a bit high for their depth, as it almost invariably takes @ at that depth back to clvl 1 (as well as being confused and hallucinating wildly), and with 10-20 HP, no amount of C*W potions are going to help you if there are any monsters around.

Either have a larger impact from mlvl/dlvl on the drain roll, or have new effects for the baby drake versions maybe? I think halving your exp would be sufficiently horrible, cutting you back to 10% seems a bit harsh
I agree - thanks for the report. I've never really like the way the drain mechanic works, so I'd be happy to see it be more proportionate. Taking away 10% of xp (or 2d10% 10+1d10% or something) would be better than the current implentation. Opened as #1658.
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