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Thanks. I guess I'll stick with Dal-i-Thalion. I thought I had read that Annihilation doesn't work on Demons but apparently Morgoth isn't a Demon (they just work for him).


As an example, I was just fighting a Pit Fiend when it summoned another Pit Fiend *and* about a dozen other Demons including, IIRC, a couple of Gelugons. With that number of additional monsters, I'm sure one of them is going to summon more and then we'll have a "doubling rice on each square of the chessboard" issue. In other words, I had to end the combat immediately.

Major Summoning should be reserved to Uniques or 'Q' creatures (since that is their primary threat).

As an example, a Pit Fiend should be able to summon either:

1. Another Pit Fiend or Greater Balrog.
2. A couple of Lesser Balrogs or Gelugons.
3. A bunch of wimpy Greater Demons up to 16 Vrocks.

Similarly, I was just fighting a Great Wyrm of Balance (on level 97) and it summoned a bunch of Great Wyrms. It should be able to summon either:

1. Another Great Wyrm which isn't one of the five basics.
2. A couple of (Fire, Cold, Acid, Lightning, Poison) Great Wyrms.
3. Perhaps up to a dozen of the ordinary Ancient Dragons.

I don't have a problem with Tselakus Summoning Ringwraiths (in part because I killed them all before I ran across him), but ordinary monsters shouldn't be able to do more than double up on themselves. No suggestions on how to implement it, though.
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