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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
The summon power is the product of the monster level and the current dungeon level. A summoned monster is given a power rating of its level squared. Monsters that normally come in groups get a discount and their power rating is divided by 16, which is roughly an average group size. If the sum of all summoned monster powers is more than the power of the summon spell no more monsters are summoned. So the first monster can be arbitrarily powerful, but you only get one of them.
I like that, looks much better then the potentially exponential summoning in v3.3.2. Two questions, does each summoner keep track of their own summoned monsters or is this for total of summoned monsters on a level? Second, if I kill of the summons can he summon new monsters?

Just a note how others have resolved this issue.
ADOM uses a summoning hirarchy to address some of these problems. For example there are wolfs, werewolfs, werewolf lords, werewolf kings and werewolf emperors and each of these can only summon creatures of a lower level then themselves. So a lord can summon wolfs and werewolfs but nothing higher then that. That fixes most excesses of exponential growth in summoning but you still get a lot of creatures if you run into an emperor.
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